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The Yard Revolution: Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) Crane

The Yard Revolution: Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) Crane

A Smarter Cabin

The Smarter Cabin

Advanced Diagnostics & Performance Services

Advanced Diagnostics & Performance Services for heavy and process industries

Auto Steering for RTG Cranes Brochure

Auto Steering for RTG Cranes Brochure

Automotive Industry Cranes: The Right Lifting Solution for Your Processes

Automotive Industry Cranes: The Right Lifting Solution for Your Processes

Boxrunner: The agile multi purpose straddle carrier

Boxrunner: The agile multi purpose straddle carrier

Care Preventive Maintenance Services

Care Preventive Maintenance Services

Coil and Plate Handling Crane Technical Specs

These cranes are used to transport bars, plates, or coils in the rolling area. They are high-speed cranes that can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices depending on the material to be handled. They will often be equipped with Smart Features to make them more productive.

Combination of Excellence: Container Positioning Information System

Combination of Excellence: Container Positioning Information System

Containner Lift truck

empty containers are non-paying containers that have to be moved out of the way and brought back into play, with the greatest possible efficiency. our empty container lift trucks offer a very fast total operating speed as a function of lifting, lowering and driving speed based on load-sensing hydraulics. the range has midmounted or rear-mounted cabins and excellent stability

Crane Radio Control: Faster, Safer, Easier

a crane is typically controlled from a distance.the usual way of controlling a regular assembly workshop crane is by using a pendant controller hanging from the crane or wirelessly with a radio control. In some special applications and full automation cranes, the control method can be a cabin or a separate control room or even sophisticated erP system

Crane Reliability Study

Smart planning through reliable information

CraneQ™ Geometric Survey: Insight into the Alignment and Square of Your Crane

CraneQ™ Geometric Survey: Insight into the Alignment and Square of Your Crane

Cranes and Hoists for Hazardous Environments

Customers operating in explosive atmospheres have different needs for their lifting equipment. Requirements related to lifting processes cover everything from standard products to highly advanced solutions. So we have tailored our products to be optimized for your specific and unique lifting needs.

CXT Biomass Crane :Optimal solution for biomass power plants

Our deep knowledge of the biomass process has helped us to design a solution that is suitable for most biomass handling needs, the CXT®Biomass – a fully automated, versatile, and reliable crane with a compact and robust design.

CXT Explorer : Lift anywhere

This crane follows you practically wherever you need to lift up to 6.3 tons. We have put standard lifting equipment into one ISO shipping container to bring you a predesigned package with a carefully-selected range of standard functions and optional extras.

Double-Girder Ladle Handling Crane Technical Specs

The ladle handling crane transports ladles filled with molten iron to the basic oxygen furnace (BOF), or molten steel from the BOF and electric arc furnace to the continuous casting machine. It can also be used for teeming and casting. As with the charging crane, safety and reliability come first with this crane since it is used to transport molten steel.

El Cerebro En La Grúa, Características Smart

Las Características Smart mejoran la productividad y la seguridad de su proceso desde dos perspectivas: Control de la carga y posicionamiento y control de la zona.

Electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists

Elevación De Cargas En La Industria Minera

KONECRANES ofrece una vasta experiencia en el manejo de materiales en altura para aplicaciones de minería (desde extracción hasta producción y refinado).

Estudio Sobre La Extensión De La Vida Útil De La Grúa, Inspección De Confiabilidad De La Grúa

La Inspección de confiabilidad de la grúa (ICG) es una evaluación de ingeniería diseñada para proporcionar una estimación confiable de la vida útil restante de la grúa, incluidos sus componentes mecánicos, sus estructuras y sus sistemas eléctricos, así como para destacar las posibles revisiones de mantenimiento y las necesidades de modernización de la grúa.

Evaluación Geométrica, Inspección RailQ Del Riel/ Inspección Geométrica De Grúas

RailQ es una avanzada técnica de inspección que normalmente utiliza un carro robot con control remoto (Roborail), que recorre el riel equipado con un prisma de 360 grados.

Exceeding Your Expectations: CXT® Wire Rope Hoist

More speed, productivity, and precision The Konecranes CXT electric wire rope hoist is developed by listening customer’s needs in material handling. The hoist can be adapted to almost any application to ensure efficient and reliable operation, regardless of the operating conditions. All CXT hoist types are united by speed and usability, enabling improved productivity.

EXCXT Wire Rope Hoists for Hazardous Environments

In developing the product range for hazardous environments, Konecranes utilized its vast experience in explosion-proof applications and its extensive resources and innovation in crane and component technology. This has resulted in the most competitive and comprehensive range of explosion-proof cranes and components. The range includes industrial cranes, jib cranes and manual cranes as well as electric and manual hoists with lifting capacities from 125 kg to 100 tons. All the components are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest safety level required for hazardous atmospheres in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants, paint shops and other industrial sites.

Four-Girder Charging Crane Technical Specs

The charging crane transports scrap and liquid steel to the furnace. The same crane can work as backup to the ladle crane if needed. Konecranes charging cranes are well-protected from the flames and radiated heat, as well as the brief, intense heat of the charge itself. These cranes are a critical part of production and, since the load is molten steel, safety and reliability are the key words in the crane design.